Why Do People Like E-Commerce?

E-commerce is one of the areas of commerce that has not stopped growing, mainly because it saves buyers time and money, making the online shopping process much easier. Not the only reason customers prefer. Buy through a web page, let’s see what some other reasons to prefer online trade are.

73.2% of people who have bought online reject the fact that they are more likely to find some offers when shopping in online stores. Even issues like free shipping attract the attention of consumers. So if we have a series of planned projects in our stores, then we can definitely keep our customers happy.

How to Increase Traffic to Online store:

Another problem we need to keep in mind is that a good marketing plan can increase the traffic to our online stores. Because of course, our clients want to be aware of the possibilities that arise. This can be especially useful on days or times when we’ve seen minimal amounts of traffic, thus improving our performance as a store.

Another point that is very important for consumers is that not going to the store physically to select items saves time. That’s why we have to be very careful with delivery times. We should try to minimize them as much as possible. In addition to improving the user experience, if you have a good service later, you will continue to prioritize us as the store you are attending. There is no doubt that considering these two points will be of great benefit to us.

House hold Items:

Household items are the third most popular product. So it’s a good idea to sell these products, and if our capacity allows it, we can offer installation services. Books occupy second place in the favorites list. There is no doubt that this is a very interesting field to consider, and to be able to open a very good option online store, even thinking of a platform to buy and sell used books. Also, about which people often find, and not so easy.

As far as the best option, consumer favorite product is concerned, we are talking about sportswear and accessories. Something that will never go out of style and which is a great option to open our online store.

E-commerce Ads by Gender:

When you wear online shopping it is in our best interest, that we have a strong foundation on which we can plan some marketing strategies. One of the most important points to consider is the gender of our clients. This is because if we have more information about whether our clients are women or men, it will allow us to be more effective while running the campaign.

Now, what information is available in this regard, and can it help us to open an online store? We must first know that out of all the consumers who shop online, approximately 46.1% are women, in general, we can mention that the number of male users is almost balanced with the number of women.

How Many Men Are In Our Store?

Now, when we find out the general statistics. It’s time to dump her and move on. And how many women? It is important to answer these questions in order to plan the advertising campaign more effectively. The answer will come mainly from the products we offer on our website, and some products, or series of products, which are special. As focused on either men or women. It is also important to have a record of who our customers are.


Once we have the general and specific information, we can plan it. Marketing campaigns one possibility is to run a campaign that is specifically intended for our customers, and another possibility is that it is planned to attract new customers. In the latter case, it is better for us to stick to our own history, so that we know which of the two genres we should focus on.

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