Stop Making These Digital Marketing Blunders.


Five years ago, after digital marketing in a marketing campaign, one or the other was considered. You were saved from external nails, the TVs were spotted and washed, and the point of sale was in the printer. Better do some Facebook posts, though social search.

Times have changed. Now, digital marketing is a cornerstone of every advertising campaign and takes a significant part of the budget. However, Pendulum has so far thought so quickly that digital marketing is now seen through the blind. Attention is often narrow, and as a result, results are weak or confused. But, change your paragraph and you can create some amazing digital campaigns.

Don’t Just Think Digitally:

You will be involved in meetings with people asking “What are we doing on social?” And “What are our plans to capture more likes and shares?” More and more often the ideas that will be analyzed are rooted in the digital space. This is my opinion.

Some of the most successful digital campaigns of the last few years will consider traditional media. Long-form video (just watch the sink) and guerrilla stunts (TNT’s “push to join”), if executed correctly, have massive digital effects.

Digital marketing has developed the idea that it is now a legitimate event to distribute all kinds of content according to all social media.

How Will You Spend Your Money Digitally?

Would you put it behind paid media, attractive websites, promotional messages, roads, and local content? Or, would you create something that the whole world is watching, and as a result, the conversations generated on the user run on social.

Don’t agree to do everything on social platforms:

The great Howard Gass once wrote, “No one reads advertisements. People read, what interests them. Sometimes it’s an advertisement.” It was in the days of direct mail, newspaper, and magazine advertising, but it is still is also true. In fact, due to the nature of social platforms, now ten years ago his words are more powerful in advertising when the copy had a foot in the grave.

Today people are circulating with messages on all social media platforms. You may not realize that you can easily put content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other trending apps. You are in the sea of ​​white noise. Your message is just included. How would you add to that and listen? Are you saying that he makes a statement? We all see thousands of ad messages on our phones every day, but we’re only engaged with a select few. You can’t rely on these social platforms to work for you. Where you post or what you do is more important than what you post.

Do Not Work In Slices:

Blankets are also made for advertising and marketing agencies and home marketing departments. This is the nature of business. This cannot be avoided. However, the way these departments interact on a daily basis can affect your digital marketing visitors, negatively or positively.

When you are starting a new digital campaign, talk to other departments. What is the plan of the media department? Is there a big print and outdoor campaign in the works? To bring this into your digital campaign, you can do far more than work alone. Perhaps PR is planning this stunt, which will have a greater impact on social networking strategies. If you reach out quickly and cooperate, you can get a lot of impact on your money.

Don’t Ignore Technology, but Look For Resources:

Your client, or your own company, has noticed, that digital is impossible to ignore. Now, this is not necessarily evil, and the budget is a small thing. However, even though your projects can now get the funds you need, you may not be able to put all your money behind technical and media expenses. You will not leave money for the resources you will need.

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