How To Review Negative Feedback On eBay


If the eBay seller has received negative feedback from a buyer, it can be removed by doing something on behalf of the seller. Doesn’t affect the negative feedback, that’s how eBay sellers measure performance. For its part, eBay is more concerned with seller’s defects and late shipment rates and whether they have issues that were closed without a solution compared to buyer reviews.


  • Communicating with the buyer is key
  • Request a Feedback Review via eBay
  • Withdrawal of opinion in special circumstances

However, buyer ratings and feedback are very important for sellers. Because they influence other buyers’ decisions and can prevent them from making purchases. Therefore it is worthwhile, try to modify that feedback. If possible, avoid reducing sales.

Communicating With the Buyer Is Key:

The first step in removing negative feedback is to contact the buyer directly. Feedback may be revised, but only with the mutual consent of both parties, at this point can the seller notify eBay that they are willing to withdraw the feedback.

To continue the discussion, the seller clicks on the “Help and Contact” link on eBay, selects the item in question (the image should appear), selects “Contact buyer or bidder” and Can then reach the buyer by clicking. “Contact the buyer.”

This will take the seller to a page where he can write a note appealing directly to the buyer explaining the situation. For example, did the goods arrive late? The seller can explain why this happened and assure the buyer that it will not happen again, or he may be dissatisfied with the purchase and can explain anything.

Request a Feedback Review via eBay:

If the buyer agrees to review their feedback again, the seller may request a review of the feedback via eBay. A seller can make five such requests annually for every 1000 ratings received, and the process is straightforward and easy.

Requests for review of your feedback can be made by clicking on the “Go to Feedback Forum” link on the “My eBay” page. Then in the right reel select the “Request comments review” link, select the item under discussion and leave the details of the review.

Additional Feedback:

The buyer has 10 days to respond to the review request from eBay. At this point, they may agree to the amendment and their original comments will no longer be visible. They may refuse the request and provide an eBay reason, which may or may not be shared with the seller according to the buyer’s preference, or they may simply ignore the request and not respond.

If the latter occurs, the review request will easily expire after 10 days and feedback will remain. In this case, a seller also has an opinion that he can respond to the feedback with a detailed description of the version of his events.

If for any reason the seller is unable to request a review of the feedback but is guaranteed, the buyer may also follow up with additional comments stating their additional feedback.

Withdrawal of Opinion in Special Circumstances:

If the opinion in question is threatening, obscene, aggressive, or poses a clear threat to the person, it can also be removed. For example, if a reviewer has included personal details about the seller in the comments, such as telephone number, address, or the person’s full legal name, the feedback will be subject to removal. Even if the buyer has a valid concern, eBay will remove the review.

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