Configuring LinkedIn Login


To start using LinkedIn, the world’s largest network of professionals, you will need to create a LinkedIn login, half of which are decision-makers. You can use your LinkedIn network to find jobs, promote yourself or your business, and much more.


  • Creating a LinkedIn Login
  • LinkedIn Login Step 2
  • Creating a LinkedIn Login Step 3

To get started with LinkedIn, you will need to create an account. Once your account is set up, you can start adding others to your network and start building a powerful tool, which you can use to your advantage. Here are the step-by-step instructions for creating a LinkedIn login.

Creating A Linkedin Login:

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Complete the info in the LinkedIn Twin (right) area of ​​the page:
  • Type your first name in the First Name box.
  • Type your last name in the Last Name field.
  • Type a valid email address, where you receive the email.
  • Choose a password for your account. Password must be at least six characters long. It’s a good idea to use at least one number or special characters (*, Etc) as well as uppercase and lowercase letters to create strong passwords. Do not leave any spaces.
  • Click Join Now. This will take you to the next LinkedIn screen.
  • You’re ready to move on to the next step in creating a LinkedIn login.

Step 2 LinkedIn Login:

The next step in creating a LinkedIn login is to provide your job status and location information.

What appears on the next screen:

Select your current job status. The choices are employed, business owner, job seeker, working independently, or student. Your choice determines the fields, which you will see next.

If you have selected the remaining fields of employment that you will need to complete. They will be the company, job title, country, and zip code where you live.

If you choose, a business owner will tell you your business (company name), which industry your business is from. The country and zip code will ask where you live.

If you choose to search for a job or work independently, you will be asked to provide the industry, in which you find the job (or are currently working), country, and zip code, where you Live. If you are unsure or looking for work in multiple industries, just select one and go back after your membership is established, and edit your profile to explain yourself.

If you choose. A student will ask you to provide information on the name of your college/university, (When you start typing, you will see a list of schools that match your type. You or so you can select one or finish typing), the date you attended. (Graduation start and expected year. You must choose). The field of interest to you (you must choose the one that fits closest), the country, and the zip code where you live.

In all cases, your zip code is kept private, but your territory appears. LinkedIn will not ask you for your street address unless you order a premium account after you login.

Check your selection again. When you’re ready, click Continue to proceed to the next step in the LinkedIn login configuration process.

Step 3 Creating a LinkedIn Login:

The next step in creating a LinkedIn login is optional. You can start building your LinkedIn network by importing links from your email address book.

After providing your job status and location information from the previous step of creating your login, see who you already know on the LinkedIn Window display.

The purpose of this window is to import contacts from your email address contacts. To see what you have stored. No email address LinkedIn matches these members. You can choose from:

  • Yahoo Mail
  • Hot mail
  • Gmail
  • AOL
  • Other

A list of other choices becomes available if you choose, in which you can choose from many other email services for your contacts. In all cases, you will need to log in to your email account. So that LinkedIn can retrieve your stored email addresses from your address book.

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