Overview Of eBay’s Customer Friendly Seller Center

Some changes have been helpful, others create new challenges and take a little effort to adapt. eBay is always trying to organize information to make things easier, make the experience more user-friendly, and keep sellers on track and motivated. A welcome change is the introduction of eBay’s Seller Center. This change is definitely positive and will help streamline all seller activities, information, and tasks into one easy-to-use portal. Here are some highlights of the eBay Seller Hub.

If you are selling on eBay at any time, you have noticed that the platform changes from time to time. Some notable changes over time include:

  • Sellers lose the ability to leave negative feedback for buyers
  • International shipping labels can be printed directly from eBay.
  • PayPal 21 days hold for new sellers
  • Sales limits for new sellers
  • Introducing Seller Dashboard
  • Defect rate introduced


  • Seller Center Overview
  • Order section
  • Traffic section

Seller Center Overview

The eBay Seller Hub pulls out literally everything a seller might need to get to a location. Once the hub is activated, access it by going to my eBay selling. You will see the following sections:

  • Task
  • Sales Review
  • Lists
  • Sales perspective
  • Traffic
  • Your seller level
  • Recent impressions
  • Growth
  • Shortcut
  • Seller’s tools
  • Selling announcements
  • Promotional offers
  • Monthly limit
  • Account Summary

Some of these features were previously difficult to find on the eBay platform. For example, many sellers had no idea where their sales limits lay. Previously, sales limits were buried at the very bottom of all sales pages. Where many sellers have never seen them. Also, many sellers were not sure where to find promotional offers. They are now in a special section of the Seller Hub.

Order section:

This section is really helpful, its list:

  • Awaiting shipment
  • Open return
  • Cancel
  • Awaiting payment
  • Eligible orders for shared shipping
  • Paid and waited for feedback
  • Sent and waiting for feedback
  • Unpaid items
  • Orders have not been received yet
  • International orders
  • Eligible for FVF credit

It’s easy to see at a glance, how you stand on your order. Many sellers check eBay first thing in the morning. Need to review which orders need to be sent, and take any further action regarding the orders. It also helps to see which items are awaiting payment if you need to send invoices or reminders. For unpaid items, it’s best to use the Unpaid Item Assistant tool. Because it does the whole issue of non-payment automatically.

Traffic Section:

eBay provided free third-party service to traffic reports. Sellers could study which keywords, links on social media, and searches resulted in collisions on their items. This service was discontinued in 2013. The seller’s traffic section contains the following information:

  • Feedback listing
  • Click-through rate
  • List of page views
  • Sales conversion rate

Although keywords and search paths are not provided, this information is useful over time, as to how traffic is trending. This report shows whether there is a decrease in traffic, click thresholds, and sales conversions compared to the last 31 days.

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