Using Terapeak for eBay Market Research and Analytics


The key to success in any business is good market research. For eBay sellers, the market to be researched is the eBay market and its users, and the tool sellers can use, that is Terapack. The service is available on the Internet as well as mobile, and stores data from eBay for up to a year. Below is a list of these methods, which can help increase the sales of therapeutic eBay sellers.

Item Performance:

Find out which items are performing well and which are not. Therapeutic displays, how eBay categories are performing in the recent week or month period. It also displays various measurements including total sales volume, total listing volume, total successful listing volume, bid activity, average listing bid activity, percentage through sales, and average sale price.

Trending Products:

Therapeutic offers a sort of hot list of all the current performing eBay categories, including a list of the overall level of sales for the category and the percentage of sales for the items listed there. The same goes for existing top media items, buyer searches, all kinds of products, and listing titles. Bidding and listing for similar titles and GMV items as a whole, such as providing key metrics for each of them. But remember, just because a product is selling well. This does not mean, however, that the seller is making a profit. 80% of merchandise on eBay is new, and some are imported from China. Items such as iPhone cases and fidget spinners can be hot and trendy, but the seller can only make a razor-sharp profit on them. Very high sales rates are usually an indication of low-profit margins.

Listing Upgrade:

Therapeutic helps the seller discover features, descriptions, keywords, and hierarchical upgrades, which will drive sales. This feature can be very helpful for sellers who are not the custodians of keywords in a particular niche, such as fashion or trading home decorating. The keyword feature helps sellers find out and know which words to use. To match their list with buyers’ searches.

Competitive Research:

In addition to statistics, sellers can collect lists from competitors. Where they can inspect them, see their results, and find out what are the best practices for description, title, and other listing properties. Search not only by item, but also by seller, in which data is conducted on competitors’ measurements including sales performance, average sales price, and other information.

Listing Type And Duration:

Terapeak provides data about the type and duration of the listing. Find out if a fixed price or auction is better for a particular type of item, and what period results in the highest sales rate. In most cases, for sellers who run eBay like a business, fixed price, 30 days, with the best offer, this is normal.

Long for saved lists:

EBay only archives data. Because the data are available for custom search compared to last year. (Instead of just the last 90 days on eBay), you can monitor your progress, the progress of your competitors, your progress. Progress your favorite inventory items with favorite categories, or longer-term, matrix-based theory.

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