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Customize your Facebook privacy settings to suit your needs.

If you are a business owner, who chooses a Facebook profile, then it is smart to know, how to adjust your Facebook privacy settings. To tell, who can see or access different kinds of information about you or from you.

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At some point, Facebook will change the privacy settings without letting members know, causing members’ information to be exposed. In 2011, Facebook entered into an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission regarding its privacy policy. As a result, consumers now have to choose privacy changes.

Access your privacy settings on Facebook

To access your Facebook privacy settings from a web browser:

  • Log in to Facebook.
  • At the top right of the page, click the arrow below the Access to your account menu and select Settings.
  • Select Privacy from the left side column of the page.

Facebook offers you two areas for managing privacy:

Your Activity: Here, you can control who can see your upcoming posts. You can review all of your posts and the things you’re tagged in, and restrict publishers to your posts, which you’ve already shared. Click on each item to make changes and save.

How people find and contact you:

Here, you manage who can send you friendship requests. Who can see your friends list. Who can see you using the email or phone number provided to you, and whether search engines outside of Facebook can link to your profile? Again, you can click on each item to make changes and save it.

Timeline and tagging settings:

What others can put in your timeline. Want to control it? The privacy option in your settings is below the timeline and tagging. Here, you can control the settings in three areas.


This includes who can post to your timeline, who posts to others on your timeline, and whether people can share your posts on their stories. It also gives you the option to hide comments from your timeline, which includes some words.


Here, you can choose which posts you tag on your timeline. Who can see it, and whether you want to add your audience to the posts you tag.


This is where you can choose whether to revise your posts. These tags should be reviewed before they appear on your timeline. Review the tags that other people add to your posts, and review what other people see on your timeline. Next to each, click Edit and choose your choice.

Story Settings:

This is the place. Where you can edit your story-sharing options. If you mention them, you can choose whether or not to allow other people to share your public stories with their own stories.

Location Settings:

If you allow location services to stay in Facebook’s mobile app, then it tracks your exact location and makes a history of it. Here, you can see that date and, if you choose, delete it. Facebook notes, that only you can see this information.

Block Settings:

This is where you can create a restricted list, block users. Can block messages, block apps and invite programs, and block specific pages. If you ever get angry at inviting people to play games, you’ll want to check out this section.

Confront identification settings:

Here, you can choose whether Facebook can recognize you in photos and videos. This helps Facebook identify photos and videos that you can’t tag.

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