Amazing Ideas for Increasing Users on YouTube


When a picture is worth a thousand words, you can imagine how important a video is. The introduction of YouTube has revolutionized how people access and upload videos. People around the world are watching 5 billion videos every day. The average daily traffic on YouTube in India is 30 million.

How does YouTube work?

  1. It pops up in their recommendations

YouTube strives to keep people busy. Viewers will see videos like your first video. If you post videos about vegan Indian cuisine about cooking, you can join those recommendations. Who has seen Indian cooking shows, Indian vegans, or ordinary vegetarian food?

  1. Videos on their homepage:

Similar to recommendations, a visitor’s website summarizes such content, which they see constantly. It describes the nature of what he likes to watch and includes the latest videos from the channels he has purchased. The algorithm fully personalizes this section, and we don’t have much control over whether or not our videos pop up here.

  1. Subscriptions:

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Just like a newspaper subscription, a YouTube subscription guarantees that your videos are delivered to those people. Who has subscribed to your channel? Note that this is only a guarantee that your latest videos have been provided to users.

Common Mistakes You Tubers Make:

You may have seen many You Tubers, who were previously famous but are nowhere to be found. They may have millions of followers, but they are not able to publish the videos they need. To keep your audience interested, here are some things you should avoid:

  1. Make your videos longer:

Although YouTube will like long videos, your viewers will not like it. Your job is to keep your audience engaged while they watch your video. Because if you starve them in the middle, they will go away without finishing the video. Unnecessarily long introductions, recurring content, and when it doesn’t fit, try to be funny.

  1. Advertise your sponsors a lot:

We understand how it is your job to generalize to your sponsors, but it can be very annoying. Your ad should be subtle, and the sponsor should act as a supplement to your video. Video is not the focus. If your audience calls you commercials, they don’t want to see you anymore.

  1. Post Redemption:

Okay, so you gathered an audience that seemed to like your videos. You have embraced their intentions, and when they begin to warm up to you and what you will post next. Looking forward to it, you force them to wait more than a week for a video. If you want your audience to stay engaged, you have to play your part and work on your videos regularly.


Although its content seemed repetitive at times. She was loyal to her current fan base and whenever she was expected, she failed to provide them with videos. Consistency is essential. Never make your audience wait.

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