What types of marketing are there?

What types of marketing are there?

It’s been over 100 years since marketing theory developed and became a success. In the course of time, some of the markets have changed, so that there are special approaches to marketing. In particular, the ever- advancing digitization contributes to the fact that there are more and more different types of marketing. The most important are presented below.

Classic marketing

Before the times of the Internet and before the times of digital possibilities, traditional marketing was the most common form. Classic marketing inc

ludes posters, flyers, newspaper advertisements, but also television and radio advertising. Even at these times, the success of a campaign was measurable, albeit only very imprecisely. You had the opportunity to measure the success of a poster campaign, for example. But you weren’t able to measure exactly where the poster appealed to most of the customers.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing can also still be described as classic marketing. Even before the times of digitization, people used the phone, fax or letters. These were later replaced by emails or personalized advertising on the Internet. The aim of direct marketing is to address the customer directly and in this way to achieve customer loyalty. It’s less about sales and more about customer loyalty.

Online marketing

Online marketing is also called digital media marketing. Over the years, it has become a major part of marketing. This is also due to the variety of options. You can choose banners, emails, Affiliate Marketing or influencer marketing available, to name just a few examples. The further the technology advances, the more opportunities arise for you.

Event marketing

Today you also have the opportunity to use an advertising campaign at an event to attract attention. The larger and the more unusual this event is, the greater the reach and the better your image will be.

Cross media marketing

Thanks to digitization, cross-media marketing has also gained in importance.

Before the advancing digitization, this form was also known as multichannel marketing. Cross-media marketing means that you rely on multiple channels, both offline and online.

Neuro Marketing

Neuro Marketing is as exciting as it is controversial. The customer does not even notice here that his purchasing behavior may be influenced. Neuro marketing has many faces, from the background music in the department store to the arrangement of certain goods in the store.

Guerilla marketing

This form is still relatively new, but is becoming increasingly popular. You will surprise customers and potential customers with funny and unusual advertising campaigns. The budget required is relatively small, but the effect is all the greater.


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