Adding Subtitles to Someone Else’s Video on YouTube.


YouTube not only offers its users to watch and add videos. It also creates subtitles for your own or someone else’s videos. These can be simple headlines in the mother tongue or in a foreign language. The process of creating them is not very complicated, it all depends on the amount of text and the duration of the source material.

Create subtitles for YouTube videos:

Every viewer can add subtitles to their favorite blogger’s video, if he, then, releases such a function in his channel and this video. These additions apply either to the entire video or to a specific part of it.

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This process does not take much time, as YouTube quickly selects text for video, but it is noticeable that the quality of such speech recognition remains much to the desired extent.

  • Open the video on YouTube where you want to add text.
  • Click the gear icon under the roller
  • In the menu that opens, go to the tab “Subtitles”.

Click on “Add Subtitles”. Please note, that not all videos support adding them. If there is no such line in the menu, it means that the author has forbidden other users from translating this work.

Select the language that will be used to work with the text. In our case, it’s Russian.

As we can see, we have already worked on this video and there is already a translation here. But anyone can edit it and fix bugs. Choose the appropriate length and add your text. Then click “Need Review.”

You will see a draft that is available for editing or deleting. The user can also identify himself as the author of the text caption, then his nickname will appear in the description of the video. At the end of the task, press the button “Submit”.


If the translation is ready for publication or other people can edit it. It is worth noting that the included subtitles have been checked by YouTube experts and the author of the video.

Click “Submit” so that the work can be received and endorsed by YouTube experts.

The user can also complain about previously created subtitles. If they do not meet the needs of society or are only of low quality.

As we can see, permission to add your text to the video is only allowed if the author has given permission to it on the video. It also enables the name and description translation function.

Delete Your Translation:

If for some reason the user does not want it, that others see his credit, they can delete it. In this case, the subtitles themselves will not be deleted from the video, because now the author has their full rights. The user is allowed to do as much as possible, that is to remove the links between the transfer and his account on YouTube, as well as remove his nickname from the list of authors.

  • Login YouTube Maker Studio.
  • Go to the “Other Works” section to open a tab with a classic creative studio.
  • In a new tab, click “Your subtitles and translations”.
  • Click View. Here you’ll see a list of your previously created tasks, and you can add new ones.
  • Select “Delete Translation” to confirm your action.

Other viewers will still be able to view and edit the credits you have created, but the author will no longer be indicated.

Adding your translation to YouTube videos is done through the special functions of this platform. The user can create and edit subtitles, as well as to complain about low-quality text captions from other people.

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