How To Hack YouTube Views Properly


From a business perspective, the benefits of video marketing simply cannot be overlooked, since any type of business, small scale or large scale, has seen many years of growth and success through video marketing, especially YouTube marketing. Evidence is provided.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing provides a unique and attractive platform for marketers to reach their audience. This is a versatile trend, and there is also a particularly new genie medium to grow the business.

The average time spent online by an Indian in online viewing has increased from 67 minutes per day in 2012 to just 67 minutes in 2012. Internet video traffic is about 2019% of the total user Internet traffic of 80.

In fact, 1 / 3rd of all online activity is done just by watching videos.

If you are wondering, why you should be given a shot at YouTube marketing for your business, when the internet itself is a world, and with countless other websites that provide such opportunities, it is very important to know 300 hours of video uploaded would be helpful. Harment on its handle, YouTube – a very popular site for videos, which has a large red rectangular icon. For many years, its very owner, after Google, has maintained the reputation of being the second most popular website in the world.

Customize your channel’s metadata:

If you are new to the term, metadata is nothing more than providing viewers with insights into your video by adding video titles, descriptions, tags, etc. when viewers upload your video. Simply put, it’s all little data, which helps you discover videos. With well-crafted metadata as well as a good number of users you will easily get maximum feedback. Let’s look at some of these factors in detail:

Video Title:

The title is one of the key factors that determine whether or not viewers watch a video. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Briefly done in the video. Explain this, lest whatever effort you put into making the video. They will not go in vain. Decide on a title that is clear in meaning, compelling to look at, and comprehensive in measurement, preferably less than 60 characters.


Typically, on YouTube, the description box displays a few characters (approx .100 XNUMX) in a few lines. To read further, the user must click on the “show more” option, which will then display the entire information entered. So you need to be playfully inputting the first few lines of your description in a very catchy way as if the viewers feel good that your video is the solution to their problem.


Tags do the work of associating your videos with other similar videos. Just be careful using words related to your video. Bay for your own interests. Using configuration words can end up in the suspension of your video or even your entire channel.

Closed Captions:

It’s a completely forgettable and overlooked element, which in turn gives you a lot of scopes to improve your videos. Subtitles and closed captions make it easier for the audience to see, but on the other hand, it gives you another chance to add and highlight relevant keywords. You can add these titles to any preferred language. “Support full transcript (fixed via YouTube)) or by uploading a timeline titles file, by clicking on the” YouTube Studio “option.

Finish Screens:

This will direct your channel’s viewers to other videos and encourage them to subscribe to your channel. They also help promote external links and keep the audience engaged in your content. You can find the option to add closing screens in YouTube Studio.

End on a strong “call to action” (CTA)

This is a marketing term used for advertising and trade. Using them, you can guide your audience to what you want them to see. Ask them to subscribe, turn on notifications and suggest another entertaining video of interest to them.


Be prepared to contribute your time and effort to grow your business. In order to improve the legal way of thinking, it is strongly advised to stay away from the use of illegal means such as YouTube, which are against the rules of YouTube.

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